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  • Jessica Radavich, LCSW

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    Jessica Radavich, LCSW

    “Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved” – Adriana Trigiani

    So…let’s start identifying and troubleshooting those “problems” so you can begin to live your best life. I’d love to come along for your journey of self-improvement so you don’t have to go it alone.

    Life is really hard at times. Pain, helplessness, depression, anxiety, anger, frustration can be paralyzing. Because life is filled with a bunch of uncertainty, we never know when these things may come up. If you’re finding yourself struggling to manage the unpredictabilities of life’s ups and downs, I want you to know that there is hope. We can work together to get you on the other side of things so you can begin to feel more fulfilled and find joy in your life.

    My name is Jessica Radavich, LCSW and I received my Master of Social Work Degree at Aurora University in 2008. What I love most about being a clinical social worker is the versatility and variety of settings in which I have been able to work and grow. I have 14 years of extensive experience specializing in women’s issues, divorce/relationship stress, caretaker support, family dynamics, anxiety, depression, OCD, parental stress, grief counseling, domestic violence, and chronic illness. I’m particularly passionate about the struggles that come with blended families. The word “Step” doesn’t have to mean evil!

    Taking the first step to seek treatment can be very scary and unfamiliar. This idea of coming in and spilling your guts to a total stranger can seem really weird….trust me, we get it! With all of the ups and downs that happen during the counseling process, I can assure you of one thing…we will laugh. We may not laugh all of the time, and there will be times where you may cry (but we all do, it’s a normal healthy release at times), you may yell, or ramble, or have nothing to say at all. All of those possibilities are okay! We are human, with a wide range of emotions, and we will sort through it all. I’m just asking that you commit to the process. If you do, chances are that you will walk out of therapy feeling empowered, motivated, and hopeful!

    As a private practice clinician, I will be your biggest ally, your sounding board, and I will teach you how to re-shift your mindset so you can set meaningful goals for your future. Through the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and a variety of other treatment modalities, you will learn to manage whatever life throws at you so you feel as though you are in a position of control.

    Reach out so we can catch up and get started today!