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  • Anxiety Treatment

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    Anxiety Treatment

    What if I fail?  People are going to stare at me. I can’t be around THAT many people.  What if I forget what to say?  People will think I’m an idiot.  I can’t go to a function where I won’t know anyone.  What if no one likes me?  It’s too hard being the new person.  I can’t start something new.  What if something bad happens?  I’ll have a breakdown.  I won’t be able to handle it.  What if I’m not good at it?  It will just be ANOTHER thing that I’ve failed at.  I probably shouldn’t bother trying.  If this is on repeat in your head, it is probably time for anxiety treatment.

    Does this sounds familiar?  

    That feeling that you get when the alarm goes off, and you begin rushing though your day in your mind.  You haven’t even had the opportunity to brush your teeth yet, but somehow your day is tainted with dread.  

     You have to get ready, eat breakfast, pack your stuff, pack your kids’ stuff, pack lunches, remember your phone (hopefully it’s charged), and then you remember that you have to gas up the car! All of this before 8:00am.  

    Then you begin wondering if you’re a good parent, a good spouse, a good employee, a good teen, a good person.  How is traffic going to be during the morning commute?  What type of mood will your boss be in today? Will you have someone to eat lunch with? Are you fully prepared for your presentation today?  Is there enough money in the bank account to cover the bills?  If this describes your life, you can probably benefit from anxiety treatment.

    You can’t possibly be enjoying your life.  This isn’t living.

    Our team can help.

    Image of cassette tape saying pause if you must, but don't stop for anxiety treatment

    When was the last time you didn’t feel this way?  Can you even remember a time when anxiety was absent from your life?  While you may feel that you are alone in your suffering, statistics tell us that anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S.  According to the National Institute of Mental Health, more than 18% of American adults are living with an anxiety disorder.  

    Trying to sort out anxiety and find a strategy that works for you can be exhausting.  The good news is that anxiety disorders are highly treatable, with different options available.  You CAN get your life back. You CAN begin to accept that there are uncertainties in life, and that you WILL get through them.

    Maybe you’ve never been anxious until now.  Anxiety looks different across the lifespan, and can be brought on by certain circumstances.  You might be getting ready for college and the thought of leaving home is terrifying.  

    Maybe you just graduated and are struggling to figure out what to do next.  The pressure of living up to the expectations of others may be weighing on you.  You might be searching for “the one,” but haven’t found them yet.  Maybe you’re a parent questioning yourself every minute of every day.

    Regardless of what got you here, chances are you are beginning to realize that you want some help and begin anxiety treatment.

    How do I know if I need treatment?

    If you’ve identified with any of the scenarios on this page, chances are that anxiety is interfering with your life.  As humans, we naturally want to eliminate discomfort and problems from our lives. Would you ever let a medical issue go untreated? Or, even worse, a cavity! Of course you wouldn’t! It’s important to care for your mental health in the same capacity as you would your physical health.  If you’re experiencing panic attacks, social anxiety symptoms, or symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder, you should consider getting treatment.

    Remember that anxiety disorders are highly treatable, but you won’t know for sure until you try.  Your mind creates thoughts that reinforce symptoms of anxiety, and your mind should be bringing you satisfaction and joy rather than misery.  This is where anxiety treatment can help.  Don’t automatically assume that treatment will be awful and that you can’t do it.  Treatment can help in more ways than you might expect.   It’s time to try something different this time and make a change.

    Is treatment expensive?

    The countless experiences that you’ve missed out on due to anxiety are extremely expensive!  Chances are you’ve been robbed of enjoying some of what life has to offer by missing events with friends, skipping family parties, and leaving work early to avoid happy hour with co-workers.  Missing these moments causes you to lose your ability to relate to others and build and/or strengthen relationships.  Anxiety may even be taking a toll on your physical health, and you are finding yourself at the doctor more often.  The cost of missing out on all this great stuff in life far outweighs the investment in yourself.  Anxiety treatment will not only benefit you, but also your family, friends, and work.

    How we can help…

    We do utilize evidence-based practices to meet your needs, but we do so in a very down to Earth manner.  We pride ourselves in not being too therapist-ish.

    Our team utilizes a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Exposure Therapy most commonly when dealing with Anxiety Disorders.

    Sorting through your anxiety takes time, patience, and comfort.  It’s essential that you are working with someone with whom you can confidently share information.  We want to hear the embarrassing stories, the thoughts that you think are too ridiculous to admit, and the amount of time you spend comparing yourself to others on social media.  We make every effort to keep your progress on track, and if we sense that you are avoiding certain things, we’re going to tell you.  We’ll figure out why you’re really avoiding things and maybe switch up our approach.  We’re here to work with you, not for you.  Too nervous to call?  Send us an email so we can get started.