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I’ve never talked to anyone. I’m used to handling things on my own. Aren’t people who go to therapy weak?

Seeking help for issues one is experiencing is not indicative of weakness. In fact, it takes great strength to reach out to others in time of need. In addition to therapy helping to identify your strengths, it will give us the opportunity to work collaboratively to develop healthy coping skills.

Why shouldn’t I just take medication?

Medication alone cannot solve all issues. What medication does is treat the symptoms. Our work together is designed to explore the root of the issue, dig deep into your behavior and teach strategies that can help you accomplish your personal and/or relational goals.

Medication can be effective and is sometimes needed in conjunction with therapy.

How does therapy work? What is my role in sessions?

Therapy is individualized, and for that reason, each person’s sessions are tailored to help meet his or her goals. A trusting, honest, and non-judgmental atmosphere will be provided for every client. A client’s willingness to participate, and their commitment to the process is crucial.

How long will I need to go to therapy?

Unfortunately, there is not a definitive answer to this question. Each case is unique and the duration of therapy is dependent, in large part, on your goals and your commitment to therapy.

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