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  • Julia Shemaitis, LPC

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    Julia Shemaitis, LPC

    Taking that first step can feel intimidating and let’s be honest, a little weird sometimes. I’ve been there! I commend you for taking these steps to empower yourself on your journey. My goal is to walk with you on your life path and foster an environment where you feel comfortable and validated.

    My name is Julia and I hold a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and another Masters degree in Sport and Human Performance. As a former collegiate athlete, I know how demanding it can be to balance your passion, school, work, relationships, and well-being. Sometimes, the pressure we are under to excel in all these aspects at once can feel as though we are drowning. Together we can work on identifying thought patterns that no longer serve you, adjusting your self-talk, building self-esteem, maintaining self-confidence, and prioritizing your busy schedule so that you have the tools to live as your authentic self without being burdened by any fears, worries, or insecurities.

    I’ve worked with athletes, adolescents, and adults struggling with anxiety, depression, body image issues, life adjustments, self-confidence, and navigating complex emotions associated with grief and loss. My experiences as a high achiever and former Division 2 athlete have offered me a wealth of knowledge, which has allowed me to collaborate really well with top executives and highly stressed individuals. 

     I use a collaborative, person-centered approach and highly value the use of humor in the counseling process. Your life story is true, unique, and deserves to be heard! The therapeutic relationship is important to me, and I will be a non-judgmental, empowering individual in your growth and healing process.