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  • Kelly Brennan, Client Care Advisor

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    Kelly Brennan, Client Care Advisor

    Kelly Brennan..AKA our Client Care Advisor skillfully manages all the things. There are dozens of tiny details taking place behind the scenes that keep our team running smoothly, and that is all thanks to Kelly and her dedicated work ethic. We would truly be scrambling frantically without her!

    Unless you’ve gone to counseling before, you probably have no idea how the process works. It’s much different than making a doctor’s appointment since you are making a weekly commitment to your calendar. Many people have questions about scheduling, insurance, payments, etc. We don’t expect you to know everything. Kelly will be able to patiently answer all of your questions.

    Kelly acknowledges how hard it can be to reach out for help in the first place, and the frustration that can build up over time if your phone calls are not returned. That’s why she is committed to getting back to you promptly. She’s a natural empathic listener, and can easily help pair you with the right therapist to meet your needs. Kelly will then be your guide to understanding scheduling, insurance benefits, billing and any general questions you may have.

    She’s ready to talk when you are!