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    You feel like you’re barely holding it together, right?  That looming thought repeating in your mind that if one more person asks you for one more thing you’re going to scream….ugly scream.  We specialize in counseling for women who want to be heard without needing to scream.

    You’ve been putting on this show for a while now because you feel this unexplained need to please others all the time.  You give and give and give and worry and worry and worry, but who is giving to and worrying about you?  Chances are you are not taking enough time for yourself because you put the needs of others before your own.  Maybe you tell yourself that this loop of exhaustion, worry, and stress is just how life is and that counseling wouldn’t help. Counseling for women focuses on all problems, big or small.  Even when life gives you some crappy circumstances that you can’t control, it’s helpful to practice radical acceptance with your counselor.  Unfortunately, sometimes in life, things just are what they are, but learning how to accept these realities can make them less overwhelming.

    Life doesn’t go according to plan, and it generally doesn’t turn out the way you thought. 

    Maybe you want a meaningful connection with someone, but it’s impossible to meet people, and online dating has become a joke. You see another Facebook or Instagram baby announcement, and you feel broken because you can’t conceive. Saturday nights are lonely as you watch others getting tagged at bars, restaurants, or parties.  Where is your invitation? Why are you being left out? What are you doing wrong?  Why do you keep scrolling and scrolling when you know you should stop? Your self-esteem is lacking and you’re beginning to question your confidence.

    Maybe you have the relationship and the kids already but find yourself screaming at them all the time, and you’re not even sure why you’re so angry. You feel completely disregarded by your family because they probably take everything that you do for granted. You probably don’t even feel seen anymore. You both seem to have fallen into this routine that feels more like a rut.  

    Balancing both schedules along with any activities for your kids leaves very little room for anything else.  And even when you both find that little bit of time, it isn’t spent improving your relationship because you’re both exhausted.  Or, have you noticed that you sit side by side on the couch looking at your phones, with the TV on, and you’re not talking to each other?  What is that all about? This distance between the two of you is making it difficult to even recognize the person you made a commitment to some time ago. You both know that things need to change and you both want them to change, but how do you actually get things to change? 

    We can help with that.

    You want to explain all of this to someone who understands, but it’s getting more and more difficult to find someone who really gets it. You want to stop hating yourself and have some fun instead. You want to be surrounded with others who are positive and elevate your mood. You want to begin to find your meaning and establish a clearer path with different goals.  You’re sick of feeling sorry for yourself and waiting for the answer to magically find you.You want to be more grateful for what do have rather than wasting energy on what you don’t have right now. Our focus on counseling for women can help you get there.Things can change.  We’ll be here to remind you that social media posts are only a snapshot into the lives of others and that they are not reality. As clinicians who “get it,” We’re only a phone call or a few clicks away.

    Through evidence-based approaches, counseling for women can help you begin to build a healthier relationship with yourself.  Let’s find some ways to help you stop running on empty because you won’t find the answer at the bottom of your coffee cup.